As a new product, we rely on our fans to help spread the word about Smarter Starter Fluid.

Here’s a little bit of what they have to say!

This green-approved product is fast starting and eliminates fire flare-ups when igniting.

Barbecue America

Simply put, what you'll get is better taste that's better for you.

JP Fanton, Healthy Fellow

This is probably the best lighter fluid I have used. There was absolutely no chemical taste on the food, no offensive odor, and the charcoal was ready to go within just a few short minutes.

Grillmaster, Atlanta, GA

Great product! Smarter Starter burns well and a small amount goes a long way!

Daniel H., Lawrenceville, GA

We use Smarter Starter for lump charcoal on our Big Green Egg. It's the perfect combination. Works like a charm and can't beat the taste!

Steven Hall, Atlanta, GA

Lighter fluid without the fumes and residual taste. Love it!

John B., Marietta, GA

I was really surprised by this product, as I normally would not use starter fluid, but this is the best starter fluid I have used.

Tailgating Challenge