A Natural Controlled Burn Firestarter


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EnviroBurn Drip Torch Fuel

In 2012, it is estimated that over 67,000 wildfires occurred claiming over 9 million acres and resulting in over $1.9 billion dollars in damages. To combat these fires, each year millions of acres of public and private land are burned pro-actively. But did you know that the prescribed fire-starting protocol defined under the US Geological Survey (USGS) website recommends using a petrochemical mixture of diesel and gasoline to start these controlled burns. Incredibly, the USDS also defines diesel and gasoline as toxic substances on the same website! By using a petrochemical mixture to accelerate prescribed burns, we are putting petrochemical substances on our lands that contaminate soil, leach into the water supply, and enter the food chain. EnviroBurn® is a highly effective petrochemical-free controlled burn fuel.

Why EnviroBurn?

Petrochemical Free

EnviroBurn is made from agriculturally-derived ingredients. It’s 100% petrochemical free, ultra-low toxicity formula makes it safe for the environment along with kids and pets alike.

Fast, Convenient, Effective

EnviroBurn offers a fast, effective, and convenient alternative to commonly used controlled burn firestarters.

Made in the USA

All EnviroBurn ingredients are sourced from domestic, renewable, sustainably produced, and primarily recycled feedstocks.