ESCOGO, LLC specializes in the development and manufacturing of biobased consumer goods. Our mission is to improve household and community health through the creation of cleaner, safer, and more effective alternatives to petroleum-based products. Through the use of renewable, agriculturally derived resources, our products help you eliminate unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals.

ESCOGO products are designed to meet the demands of today’s increasingly health- and content-conscious consumers. One product at a time, we’re helping consumers make safer choices for their homes and families. In doing so, we’re also working to offset the adverse environmental impacts of petroleum production, distribution and use. These impacts include contamination of our soil, water and air. Environmental responsibility stands at the very foundation of what we do at ESCOGO. Scroll down to read about our facility and involvement in the local community.

ESCOGO was founded in 2013. We’re headquartered in Monroe, Georgia with additional offices in Texas and North Carolina.

Award Winning Quality

We pride ourselves on providing consumers with the highest quality products based on award winning formulas.

Safety and Convenience

Our ultra-low toxicity products are designed for safe and easy handling and storage for consumers.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products use agriculturally-derived, recycled ingredients and are designed for optimal environmental safety. 

Environmentally Made

Our zero-waste processing, refinement, and bottling facility uses solar thermal and solar PV systems to meet all of our energy needs.

Executive Team

Rick Huszagh

Rick Huszagh

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur Rick Huszagh brings more than a decade’s worth of expertise in starting and growing business ventures in the technology and agriculture industries. Rick is the founder of software company PMTI, the Down to Earth Energy Foundation, and Down to Earth Energy, LLC—a Georgia based biodiesel research and production facility serving fleets and customers across the southeast US. As a co-owner of ESCOGO, Rick oversees new business and product development. Rick also manages a family-owned livestock farm, Mountain Creek Farms, with his wife Crista Carrell. Rick is a graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith

Managing Partner

Marcus Smith is a serious backyard griller with a love of the outdoors and concern for the stewardship of the environment. Marcus invented the original Smarter Starter Fluid® formula after his wife threw out 2 lbs. of his grilled chicken because it tasted like gasoline. Marcus’s method of starting his grill with petrochemical lighter fluid would change forever after this episode. Prior to joining ESCOGO, Marcus managed international sales, marketing and product management for companies such as Alcatel-Lucent and Pelican Products. Marcus has a BA in international relations from Boston University and a MBA from Duke University.

Patrick Harper

Patrick Harper

General Manager

Patrick Harper is an outdoor enthusiast and environmental entrepreneur with eight years of professional experience in clean energy and economic development. From biofuels to renewable energy, Patrick has worked with a range of public and private sector partners to help them turn big ideas into successful solutions. As the General Manager of ESCOGO, Patrick oversees business development, finances, sales, and operations. When time allows, he also enjoys hiking with his dog Scout, live music, cooking, and traveling. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Georgia and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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Our Facility

All ESCOGO products are developed, manufactured and shipped at our zero-waste, solar powered facility in Monroe, Georgia. The facility is designed with the environment, customers, and future growth in mind. All of our energy needs are met on-site from our 115 kW solar panel arrays. To help educate our neighbors, we offer tours providing a closer look at solar power and biofuel production by our sister company, Down-to-Earth Energy. Our facility is also located on the site of a former junk yard. We’re working to make this land healthy and beautiful once again.

Rooftop Solar

115 kW Rooftop Solar

Production 3

Built-to-Scale Production

Production 2

State-of-the Art Facility


Zero-Waste Operations