Grill On with Smarter Starter Fluid

By April 8, 2016Uncategorized

On April 8, the Georgia Department of Economic Development featured ESCOGO in their “Small Biz Spotlight” series. While we don’t intend to stay small forever, we do look forward to calling Georgia and the Athens-area our home for a very long time. Many people don’t realize it, but Georgia is actually on the forefront of today’s emerging high-end grilling market. We have an amazing footprint of grill and grilling accessory manufacturers here in the state. This base extends far beyond the industry stalwarts like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Royal Oak. Tucker based Primo Grill makes the only ceramic grill manufactured in the U.S.; Columbus based Goldens’ recently launched the new Cast Iron Cooker, a one of a kind cast iron grill; and of course, Smarter Starter Fluid is the nation’s leading petrochemical-free lighter fluid! Together, we’re making an impact a significant impact on both the national grilling stage and our local economies. Next time you walk down the aisle at your local hardware store, take an extra second to check out the grilling products. You’ll be surprised how many are by Georgia-based companies!