Did you realize that when you taste fuel on your flame-cooked food it means you are eating petrochemical compounds! Smarter Starter Fluid, LLC contracted EMSL Analytical, Inc. to conduct Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis of a major brand name petrochemical lighter fluid as well as test food cooked that had used the fluid to ignite the fire.  In parallel, EMSL also tested Smarter Starter Fluid.   The results of the testing concluded definitively that food cooked by fire ignited by the petrochemical lighter fluid contained residual petrochemical compounds.  These petrochemical compounds include: Nonane, Diethylcyclopentane, Decane, Methyl-Cylcohexane, Undecane and Dodecane.  In contrast, EMSL found that there were very small amounts of residual natural compounds left on food cooked on charcoal ignited with Smarter Starter Fluid.